Rent Free

Growing, living, and dying Black is no small feat in western society. In the United States, the numbers are against you. You are more likely to run into the police regardless of your financial situation. You are more likely to be killed. More likely to die during childbirth or medical complications. More likely to be denied a loan and have your house worth less than your counterparts. Being Black is not a walk in the park if you seek upward mobility. Some would see you fail or dismiss your call for justice and equality. Some would downplay the injustice to seek their justice. Some would see you and yours as only talking points from CNN or Fox news. The thing to understand about being Black is you live “Rent Free” in the minds of Western man.
You are a boogeyman of statistics and talking points provided by CNN and Fox News. You are annoying 50 million strong that does not vote Red. Or a 50 million strong that “must” vote Blue. The conversations about racism in school, housing, and the job market are blocked with debates on high crime rates and ghetto life. While those make up a small portion of the Black community they are represented the loudest. Only caring for the shooter and not the Black victim. Narrative upon narrative stacked on you until who you are means nothing and Racism is met with a “so what”.

You are the antithesis of western culture. You are the antithesis of everything the White man cherishes and has worked for. Cause the work, done by his ancestors, was done on the back of your ancestors. You begin to show Black pride and read up on Black inventors. You start claiming Rock n Roll and the modern cellphone as Black inventions. Well, you, in the minds of the western man, have declared war on his culture. Now he must think about who he is. So you live there rent-free. They say the n-word when you are not around. They claim their lives are worst than racism. They moan and groan about you in their way. Some try to understand but end up playing white knight. They see us not as a people but as a means to an end. A means of self gratifications whether it is our coming uplifting or the hammer to dismantle us. Left or right you live rent-free.

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