Twitter Killed the Revolutionary

Revolution-an instance of revolving

A friend of mine said, “Talking is free.” Mostly true as some individuals have lost their job, position, and so on for talking. However, this friend was not talking about them. Those in power are not the focus of his claim. It was us. The people on the ground left to watch on high as our freedoms, rights, and futures are mere playthings for those above us. Donald Trump is not the first celebrity to win the office. Ronald Reagan before him did. We have been here before. Our response, however, is different. The impact weakened by our right to speak. Talking is free for us. These days where we can post our emotions for millions to see and ignore, a revolution will not occur. We have access to the world at our fingertips. Yet we can move a spec of sand.

Some may argue that we are making changes. Look at the money going into Black-owned businesses. Look at the recent prison reform in California. We are protesting across the world and look at the results. Token victories are what Malcolm X described them as. Token victories are the ones that feel good for the moment and will calm the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie will then turn to the masses and claim victory. All while still using child forced labor in Sri Lanka to make a profit. Then we are back where we started. That’s the wheel of revolution.

No change has happened in the last 50, even 70 years. The Black Middle class is still in economic limbo. One tough year on the economy an 55% of Black-Owned businesses go belly up. No funding insight to help keep them afloat while billions handed out elsewhere. Oh, California made it so that ex-convicts can apply to become a firefighter? Did they make it some they’ll stop using imprisoned ones for free labor? If not, then who is going to hire these qualified ex-cons? Families paid for wrongful death suits. Who is paying for it? The taxpayer is. There has been no change. It has been a revolving door that never lets you out. You are only allowed back into the systematic racism you see every day. Reminded of your plight every second they can get your eyes to a screen.

News Overload

Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Ahmad Arbery, Muhammad Muhaymin Jr., Jonathan Price, Rayshard Brooks, Jacob Blake, Shataean Kelly, and so on. We live in a digital age where there is so much news to absorb. We do not have time to process and get our emotions in order. Video after video of our people getting killed that it has become normalized as we absorb this media (Another blog topic for another day). The flooding of information leaves man emotionally drained or emotionally charged. Neither of which carries a well-rounded solution.  

The emotionally drained people pull away from social media and become inactive. The weight pulls them down. The emotionally charged, however, take to social media and are ready to debate, discuss, and cuss out those who are wrong, thus led to the rise of social media circles. Within these social media circles there are influencers.

The Megaphones, Instagram, and the Uneducated

Social media is incredible. It allows us to connect with people who share the same interest or are entertaining. It’s a platform that gave rise to new content creators. Some people have gained a platform to be influencers in fashion or gaming. Some just for entertainment, and some for business. However, some use their newfound stage to be a voice for change. Better put, they are just a voice.

  They are keyboard warriors on Twitter or Instagram sermon holders. They have little knowledge of the topics they discuss yet to discuss them as facts. They are the megaphone holder in the room talking the loudest. The megaphone is the loudest one in the room. It doesn’t matter what they are saying. Everyone has to hear them and possibly listen to them. 

The megaphone subconsciously makes us seen them in a positive light, Candace Owens, Donald Trump, Charlemagne the God, and so on. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr give them platforms to live off. Even when they say something outlandish, they get interactions. Interactions make their platform grow. So either you leave the bubble alone, or you are adding to it, a lose-lose situation. An example I can think of is a woman on Instagram saying “we should ask the Chinese how they did it. How did they get Chinatown?” A five-second Google search would show you most China towns started in the 1850s, the oldest dating back to 1848 in San Francisco. Slavery was abolished in 1865 and fully ended in the 1880s. When the Chinese first arrived in America they were free. We were not. A simple Google search on the topic was too much for them before they spoke. 

That is the danger of social media. It is a breeding ground for misinformation all for a “like”. The uneducated are allowed to remain uneducated because they have the following telling them they are right and allowing them to keep the megaphone.

As long as they have the megaphone, the voice of the people will go unheard. They control the stage before the main stage. A stepping stone required to get eyes on you. We will hear more Candace Owen and Young Thug before we hear those on the ground putting in hours and work. While in most cases this would be ideal for eyes to be on them. Here it is not.

Until God turns the lights out on this small planet

The masses are tied to social media and absorb social media. This happening so fact that they are quick to react and stand against these false prophets at every turn. So when it comes time to act the people will follow those with a megaphone. Whether it is to support or to counter. The people will be glued to these social media bubbles having keyboard wars. That is how social media killed the revolutionary.

In my heart, I feel no change will come to America with my generation or the next. Token victories handed out, while Black schools still get less funding, Black businesses are allowed to rot away when there is a hardship, Black women will die in childbirth at a higher rate, and Black men will see the inside of jail at an unbelievable rate. I feel the revolution hijacked with keyboards and emoji. It has replaced with an uneducated emotional dribble and blue check marks. The revolution televised while the system changes its face and recons it as a new system. That is the America we live in. Only when we log off and go out can we have a true revolution. One with an “it takes a village attitude.” However, I do not see that happening. America will run the way it has been. It will continue to oppress those who do not know what front they are fighting on. One day we will notice the front and fight a good fight.

That’s just my opinion. Just my dream, I suppose.

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