Repeating History

By: Hadi

History is repeating itself. Except, this time it’s wearing a mask. People are being killed left and right and the murders are nowhere to be found. The police officer says he was just doing his job, the video proof has been edited, the alleged perpetrator is mentally ill so no way could he have intended the crime he did, or the material evidence has been tampered with and is no longer of any use. At least in the past during similar times the murders were identifiable.

If a Native American was scalped it was because of a colonist, if a slave was found beaten to death everyone knew it was at the hands of his or her master, if a black man was found dead in the outskirts of town it was because he looked at the white lady in the wrong way and her brothers tracked him down, or if a Jew was harmed in any way it was because of the Nazis and so on and so forth. As cruel as those events may have been (compared to now) and whether or not justice was served, people knew the who, what, when, where, why and how of those killings. But now we can barely get one solid story of even a glimpse of what might have happened.

History IS repeating itself, except this time it’s wearing a mask. And that mask is protecting the guilty and terrifying the innocent. The worst part is that the part of history where the colonist, or slave master, or Nazi was stopped may not repeat for us because of that mask. How do you stop what you can’t see? What you won’t allow yourself to see? Because of this, this history may be our worse yet. Overall this may well be a dominance or race issue, but underneath it all it’s just a human issue.

When did we get to the point in this world where we have lost complete and utter respect for our fellow human being? How can one ignore and destroy the life of an equal? Equal in that both have eyes and ears and a mouth, arms and legs, brains in a head, and heart in a chest. Equal in that both came into this world the same way…alone, and both will leave this world the same way…alone. Equal in that both are susceptible to the same feelings of joy and pain, same illnesses, and same encounter with some freak act of nature. And all of this is equal among ALL of us regardless of race, age, status, job, religion, culture, or location on this earth.

How have we developed into humans of such demented caliber? When? But most importantly why?! There is no doubt that our police officers need to be better trained, our people better educated, our justice system better regulated, but all of that will be meaningless if our humanity isn’t better, period. History is repeating itself, but it shouldn’t have to.

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