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Hi, welcome to BlackinMyOpinion. This site is mainly here to discuss ideas, topics, and stories that relate to the Black community. The goal is to discuss our struggles, our triumphs, and understand ourselves and our history. I see many people debating ideas and growing ever more frustrated by the debates. This site is not just an idea but one of action. The action to discuss the struggle and remove frustration is the first step.

To remove frustration I feel an individual needs knowledge and understanding of what is making them frustrated. Are you frustrated at the lack of Black-owned businesses? Do you know why are there are so few? Do you know how that came to pass? If the answer is no then you lack the knowledge of history. I am not talking about the broad history but the nuances of history and how it played out. How black artisans were killed or had their stores burnt down or when black banks were targeted or not assisted during a financial crisis. If you do not know history then, of course, you will be frustrated. You will be throwing the same rhetoric used for the last 50 years that has only uplifted a token select few that were handpicked and accepted. Then when people turn away your idea you take it personally. Then you become frustrated and bitter. When you find yourself looking to make a change and are getting frustrated, you are frustrated by the lack of knowledge. I want this blog to be one of knowledge. So we as a community and be ready for action. So I can learn from you and be ready for action.

I hope by using this site to start generating a source of income for a community garden in my local neighborhood. One that can’t get shut down due to a lack of funding. I also want to create a book collection of black writers to open a sort of free library for the community. I am an individual of action. This site is not the end all be all of anything I hope to accomplish. It is more along the lines of the first step. So I hope you enjoy the content. Also, please remember, besides the occasional history pieces, this site is one of the perspectives and opinions of the writers. Opinions and perspectives can change. We are just here to share them.

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